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                    我們不僅僅是一個具有豐富經驗的銷售團隊。 我們也為我們的供應商及客戶提供多項增


                  • 提供完整的解決方案

                  • 為客戶提供現場技術支持以及方案培訓

                  • 為客戶提供融資服務

                  • 物流管理及庫存備貨

                  • 收集市場情報

                  • 信雅聲輝目標成為一流的方案提供商和一流的代理商

                  ShunyaSFE is your gateway to China Market. We specialize in home appliance, telecom, electric power, industrial control, medical health, and automotive applications.  Our customers are market leaders in these fields in China.

                  We are not only an experienced sales organization, but also a VAR providing many valuable services to our suppliers and customers, including:

                  §Provide turnkey solution §Provide field technical support & onsite training to customers §Provide financing to customers §Manage logistics, including stocking long lead-time products §Collect market intelligence

                  We aim to become a leading distributor and solution house for our suppliers and customers.

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